Goodwill ‘Daily Deal’

A few days ago the Virginia Pilot Online ‘Daily Deal’ was get a $30 voucher to Goodwill for just $15.  I jumped right on that one!  Unfortunately you could only purchase one voucher.  Today I used my voucher at the Goodwill in Chester, Virginia.  Look at everything I got….   

In the first picture:  I plan to redo the vanity stool by covering the seat with fabric and painting the rest.  The planter is going on my back deck.  The towel holder will be painted as well and put in my guest bathroom.  I’ll be sure to show you the finished products.  I can’t wait to try some of the Gullah recipes – nothing like a good South Carolina chicken bog!  (I think the cookbook was my favorite item.)

Second picture = new clothes!  All of the items are new with tags and they were all the ‘color of the week’ which means an extra 50% off – whoop!  Lounge pants, dark brown khakis, black slacks with a gorgeous green belt, and a new short sleeved shirt.

Last picture = work clothes.  These are all gently used and were also an additional 50% off.  Matching set of top and pants in brown, lack with red trim top, and purple dance themed top.

That is a lot of stuff for just $15.00 (and tax.)  I want another voucher!!!!!!!


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